The PROFIT 2 saving scheme

The PROFIT 2 saving scheme is a programme of regular investments in Prvý realitný fond. The saving period is only 5 years and the minimum deposit is EUR 20 per month. PROFIT 2 offers our clients a guaranteed return of at least 2.8% p.a.

  • Guaranteed return: 2,8 % p. a.
  • Underlying asset: Prvý realitný fond
  • Saving period (years): 5
  • Minimum monthly deposit: EUR 20
  • Maximum monthly deposit: EUR 5000
  • Periodicity of saving: monthly
  • Bank details: ČSOB, a. s.
  • Bank account of the fund: IBAN: SK82 7500 0000 0002 5506 1913
  • Variable symbol: Birth number/company ID
  • Specific symbol: 20116

In addition to investments in mutual funds, we also offer our clients saving schemes. The PROFIT 2 regular saving scheme appreciates your deposits for five years in Prvý realitný fond. It is ideal for creating a financial reserve.

Advantages of saving with PROFIT 2:

  • Guaranteed return of at least 2.8% p.a.
  • Easy way to create a financial reserve
  • Regular saving with deposits from EUR 20 €
  • This type of saving uses the effect of regular investments to appreciate your funds

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