Mutual Funds

Our company’s goal is to develop and manage mutual funds to help you meet your financial needs and investment expectations.

We create products with diverse investment strategies in line with the mood on global and European markets and taking into account long-term stability. We are committed to investing your money with deliberation and professional care.

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Which investment strategy is best for me?

We will help you choose the most suitable product. Our simple questionnaire will quickly reveal which product and investment strategy are best for you.

Investor questionnaire

Your investments are safe

Our clients’ assets are kept in accounts separate from the assets of the asset management company and in no case may become our property. All financial transactions in mutual funds are reviewed and approved by an independent depositary, ČSOB, a.s. In addition, the activities of IAD Investments are overseen by the National Bank of Slovakia as the supreme audit authority, the company’s supervisory board and an independent auditor. The management of mutual funds and the activities of asset management company is regulated by legislation: Act No. 203/2011 Coll. on Collective Investment.

Watching your investment’s development with feet on the table

You have a safe and simple internet overview of your savings and investments, you can track their appreciation, your current balance of assets and transaction history. As a client investing with IAD Investments, you automatically obtain secure access to IAD ONLINE.

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Other Benefits

All funds managed by us are open-end, which means that the investment is not fixed in time. We will pay you money immediately upon receipt of a request to pay out unit certificates. The request can be submitted in person, by mail, via the Internet or to your financial agent. The money is yours and within reach all the time. For all requests and instructions, see the REQUESTS AND DOCUMENTS section. 

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