IAD ONLINE provides our clients with information and an overview of their investments using secure access. The service allows clients to monitor the development of their investment, to submit requests for payment or continuous payment of unit certificates electronically, to request a transfer of money between funds and to cancel requests for continuous payment of unit certificates.

One of the advantages of IAD ONLINE is that it can be used to submit some requests without visiting IAD Investments personally or certifying requests by a notary public (PLUS access).

The service is free and available in multiple languages. It is obtained automatically after completing the Request for Shareholder Registration and investing in our product. You can choose you preferred type of secure access and you can request a change at any time during the entire investment period.

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Types of secure access

IAD Investments provides clients with the following functionalities in IAD ONLINE (see table):

(all mutual funds)
(all mutual funds)
(all mutual funds)
(only ZDK*)

To activate access to IAD ONLINE, you need:

Passive access - assets in a mutual fund or assets under individual management (the investor owns at least one unit certificate of a mutual fund or has a portfolio management agreement with IAD Investments).

PLUS access - assets in a mutual fund or assets under individual management, a bank account (the investor owns a current account in a bank with its registered office in an EU Member State), a mobile phone number.

For details about IAD ONLINE, forms necessary to establish online access and prices, see Documents and Forms.


To keep your access to IAD ONLINE secure, we recommend refraining from using the system on public computers (in Internet cafes, classrooms etc.) Do not disclose your login details (password, encryption key) and keep the letter with security features you received. Do not e-mail your login details and do not click on links in e-mails, even if the sender appears to be IAD Investments, správ. spol., a.s. Our company will never ask you to send them.

We recommend changing your access data when you first log in to IAD ONLINE using secure access.

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