• Ing. Vladimír Bencz

    Ing. Vladimír Bencz
    Chairman of the Board

  • Peter Lukáč, MBA

    Peter Lukáč, MBA
    Member of the Board

  • Mgr. Vladimír Bolek

    Mgr. Vladimír Bolek
    Member of the Board

  • Ing. Ľuboš Fuzák

    Ing. Ľuboš Fuzák
    Head of Private banking

  • Mgr. Marek Adamec

    Mgr. Marek Adamec
    Head of external distribution

  • Mgr. Michal Ďurica, CFA

    Mgr. Michal Ďurica, CFA
    Portfolio manager

  • Ing. Róbert Bučič

    Ing. Róbert Bučič
    Portfolio manager

  • Ing. Lenka Vargová

    Ing. Lenka Vargová
    Operations director

  • Roman Vitásek

    Roman Vitásek
    Portfolio manager

  • Ing. Simona Bajerová
    Head of Investment Management department - Backoffice

  • Ing. Rita Markuseková
    Head of Accounting and Finance department

  • Jana Murková
    Head of the client center

Supervisory board

  • Ing. Róbert Bartek
    Chairman of the Board

  • Ing. Vanda Vránska
    Member of the Board

  • Ing. Miroslav Vester
    Member of the Board

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