Prvý realitný fond

The oldest real estate mutual fund in Slovakia.

The fund is intended for investors looking for long-term performance prospects without major fluctuations who want to invest for a longer period.
It has repeatedly achieved steady returns and its investments in various types of real estate reduce risk and increase the profitability potential.

Daily data: 20. 9. 2021

Price of 1 unit certificate: 0,0764880000 EUR
Equity: 296 808 984,43 EUR

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Prvý realitný fond, o.p.f., IAD Investments, správ. spol., a.s.

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For a period of over 1 year, the fund’s performance is shown cumulatively.

Fund performance in EUR, 20. 9. 2021

YTD 1M 3M 6M 1 year 3 years cumulative / p.a. 5 years cumulative / p.a. Since inception / p.a.
2,22 % 0,26 % 0,94 % 1,39 % 3,14 % 11,11 %
3,57 %
19,25 %
3,58 %
130,43 %
5,78 %

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The fund is intended for:

Prvý realitný fond is a balanced fund intended for investors with a balanced attitude to risk who are interested in a steady, even growth of their investment. The fund belongs to the category of special growth real estate mutual funds and offers the opportunity to participate in steady returns associated with the lease of real estate and growth in their value. It is a good alternative for investors looking for long-term performance prospects without major fluctuations. We recommend it to investors who wish to deposit their funds for over five years.

Fund manager:
IAD Investments, správ. spol., a.s.
Place of fund registration:
Slovak Republic
Investment focus:
special real estate fund
Denomination currency:
Bank details:
SK82 7500 0000 0002 5506 1913
Fund launch date:
20. 11. 2006
Minimum initial investment:
EUR 20
Minimum subsequent investment:
EUR 20
Entry fee:
up to EUR 16 596,93 €*: 3%
over EUR 16 596,93 €*: individual
* total cumulative investment in our mutual funds
Exit fee:
0 %
Management fee:
1,8 % p.a.
Performance fee:
Depository fee:
0,192 % p.a. including VAT
Important documents:
Documents and forms

Fund characteristics:

  • Special real estate fund
  • Medium market risk - balanced investment strategy
  • The fund’s objective is steady investment growth over more than five years
  • Investments mainly in real estate on the Slovak and Czech market
  • Focus on portfolio diversification - invests in various types of real estate, such as administrative buildings, residential and commercial buildings, service and tourism objects and logistics centres
  • Return is generated by lease and market valuation of real estate
  • Invests in debt transferable securities to better appreciate temporary free liquidity
  • The period for the payment of unit certificates may be up to 1 year

Real estate fund portfolio

Administrative building

Administrative building

Bratislava - Staré mesto, total useful area: 3 124 m2, acquired in 2007

Administrative building located in an attractive location near the centre of Bratislava. The building houses administrative and commercial premises, including spacious underground garages.

Administrative building D48

Administrative building D48

Warsaw, total useful area: 26.173 m2, year of acquisition: 2020

The D48 is a modern class A office building in the Mokotów district of Warsaw. The "L" -shaped building consists of two wings with 11 and 8 floors. For the convenience of tenants and employees, the D48 provides spaces for shops and restaurant services, spacious terraces arranged on three floors, a chillout zone as well as green areas with modern architecture. The largest tenants include leading Polish and international companies SMYK, Intrum, Gemius and mFinanse (belonging to the mBank group).

STEINERKA Business Center

STEINERKA Business Center

Bratislava, total useful area: 12 000 m2, year of acquisition: 2018

The administrative building STEINERKA Business Center has more than 12,000 sqm, and on seven floors it combines an administrative area with 900m2 service premises and 190 parking spaces. Collaudation took place at the end of 2017 and the first tenants moved to the new offices in March 2018. Currently, the largest tenants include Deutche Telekom Services Europe and Lucron Group.

Twin City A

Twin City A

Bratislava, total useful area of 16 500 m2, year of acquisition: 2016

Twin City A is located in a dynamically developing business district at Mlynské Nivy in Bratislava. The building was finished in 2015 and offers approx. 16,500 m2 of leasable area and is fully occupied by a number of prestigious tenants, such as PWC, Merck Sharp&Dohme, Bayer, BNP Paribas Slovensko and Sfera.



Trenčín, total useful area of 26 000 m2, year of acquisition: 2016

OC Laugaricio was opened in 2009 and is the dominant shopping centre in the Trenčín region. The catchment area within a 30-minute drive includes approximately 250,000 inhabitants. OC Laugaricio offers more than 120 brands on 26,000 m2. Tenants include international brands, such as C&A, CCC, H&M, New Yorker and Reserved. OC Laugaricio’s location allows its potential extension by 15,000 m2.



Kováčová, total land area: 17.8 ha, acquired in 2012

The recreational and spa park is a pleasant place for visitors, offering fun and relaxation. The investment includes extensive construction land adjacent to the park. Exceptional added value of the investment is the proximity of two major towns: Banská Bystrica and Zvolen (4 km).

Logistic park South Base

Logistic park South Base

Budapest, total useful area of 27 000 m2, year of acquisition: 2018

Logistic park South Base is combination of city logistic and big-box warehouses. The location in Budapest - Dunaharaszti industrial park is app. 15 km from city centre. Warehouses offers approx. 27,000 sqm lettable area of logistic space. All units in logistic park are currently fully leased. The composition of tenants is a balanced mix of Hungarian subsidiaries of dominant international companies and local small and medium-sized enterprises.

Logistics park

Logistics park

Bratislava – Nové mesto, land area: 6.6 ha, acquired in 2010

The logistics park is located in an industrial zone in Bratislava - Nové mesto. The land includes storage areas, production halls, workshops and administrative buildings. The premises are equipped with underground services.

Photovoltaic power plants

Photovoltaic power plants

Municipality of Iža, Dolná Strehová, total land area: 8.76 ha, acquired in 2011, 2012

Two photovoltaic power plants are located in southern Slovakia at a location with the best solar radiation conditions. Long-term lease contracts and purchase prices guaranteed by the state ensure steady future returns.

Land intended for the construction of a logistics center

Land intended for the construction of a logistics center

Wroclaw, Poland, total useful area 75,000 m2, year of acquisition: 2021

The land is intended for the construction of a logistics center and is located 10 minutes from the center, 15 minutes from the international airport with the expected direct connection to international highway connections. The construction of the first logistics hall has already begun and the tenant will be the transport company DPD. After its completion, the logistics center will represent 70,000 m2 of warehouse space in modern smart halls and 5,000 m2 of office space.

Nová Nitra Residential Complex

Nová Nitra Residential Complex

Nitra – Staré mesto, land area: 4.78 ha, acquired in 2008

The Nová Nitra project is located in the wider centre of Nitra. The new town district offers space for living, working, entertainment, shopping and leisure.

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