CE Bond

The mutual fund is suitable for moderately conservative investors.
A bond fund focused on investments in the CEE region.
The recommended investment horizon is over 4 years.

CE Bond

Daily data: 20. 9. 2021

Price of 1 unit certificate: 0,0369820000 EUR
Equity: 10 113 707,37 EUR

Performance graph of the mutual fund in EUR

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CE Bond, o. p. f., IAD Investments, správ. spol., a.s.

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For a period of over 1 year, the fund’s performance is shown cumulatively.

Fund performance in EUR, 20. 9. 2021

YTD 1M 3M 6M 1 year 3 years cumulative / p.a. 5 years cumulative / p.a. Since inception / p.a.
1,57 % 0,25 % 0,45 % 1,23 % 2,78 % 3,87 %
1,27 %
2,13 %
0,42 %
11,41 %
0,62 %

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The fund is intended for:

The mutual fund is suitable for more experienced investors who wish to appreciate their funds for a minimum of four years and profit from the potential of rapidly-developing countries, particularly in Central Europe and, to a lesser extent, in southern and south-eastern Europe.

Fund manager:
IAD Investments, správ. spol., a.s.
Place of fund registration:
Slovak Republic
Investment focus:
bond fund
Denomination currency:
Bank details:
SK14 7500 0000 0002 5502 4143
Fund launch date:
31. 3. 2004
Minimum initial investment:
EUR 20
Minimum subsequent investment:
EUR 20
Entry fee:
up to 16,596,93 EUR *: 0,50%
over 16 596,93 EUR *: individual
* total cumulative investment in our mutual funds
Exit fee:
0 %
Management fee:
1,90 % p.a.
Depository fee:
0,276 % p.a. including VAT
Important documents:
Documents and forms

Fund characteristics:

Dynamic bond fund

For moderately conservative investors

Recommended investment horizon of over 4 years

Capital protection is preferred to return maximisation

Medium market risk

The fund invests in bonds (government, corporate and mortgage bonds) and financial market instruments (bills of exchange, treasury bills)

The fund is recommended as an alternative to money and Eurobond funds

Investments are made in EUR and other currencies (CZK, HUF, PLN, RON etc.)

The fund is regionally limited mainly to the Central European countries.

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