How to invest

You can invest in our mutual funds through a financial advisor or by yourself. Financial advisors who cooperate with IAD Investments have insight into our products and will be glad to help you choose an ideal investment solution.

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An investment in mutual funds involves five easy steps:


Choose the mutual fund in which you want to invest

The decision will be easier if you use the investor’s questionnaire, the investment calculator and the fund performance overview with detailed graphs and comparisons of the fund performance.


Get familiar with detailed product information

The Sales Prospectus and the Fund Statute, Key Investor Information. The documents provide important information about the investment strategy of funds, the security of investments and the risks associated with the investment. Please also read the General Terms and Conditions and the Asset Management Company’s Price List.


Complete the relevant form

When investing in a mutual fund - Request for Registration of Shareholder and Issue of Unit Certificates

Your signature on the forms must be officially certified.

The following must be attached to the form:

  • A major natural person - a photocopy of an identity card;
  • A minor natural person - a copy of the birth certificate and completed Disposition Rights to Unit Certificates form;
  • A legal entity - original or a certified photocopy of an extract from the Business Register of the Slovak Republic, completed Disposition Rights to Unit Certificates form and Investor’s Declaration on the Ultimate Beneficiary form;
  • Association - a confirmation from the trade union, a confirmation from the Statistical Office on the assignment of company ID and Client’s Declaration on the Ultimate Beneficiary.

Send the completed form and the attached documents to the company’s address

IAD Investments, správ. spol., a.s.,
Malý trh 2/A,
811 08 Bratislava



Transfer funds to the account of your selected mutual fund. The IBAN and SWIFT codes are specified in the basic information about the fund.

For all mutual funds:

Variable symbol: birth number or company ID

Specific symbol: registration number (number in the top right corner of the form) or the number of announced campaign

Once we have received your payment, we will set up the Shareholder Account and free access to IAD ONLINE, and we will invest your funds. We will then send you a confirmation by mail or e-mail - confirmation of a trade transaction.

Every year we will send you an annual statement of your investment.

If you choose to invest extra funds in the same fund or in another mutual fund during the investment period, you do not have to complete any other forms. Just transfer your funds to the fund’s account under the variable symbol, i.e. your birth number/company ID.

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